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Polara Golf

Jeff Sheets Golf,Club Design,Club Development,Polara
Jeff Sheets Golf,Club Design,Club Development,Polara

Model:  Polara Driver

Material/Mfg:  4-Piece Titanium Stamped Head Construction

Introduced:  2013

When Polara's CEO approached me to begin working on a USGA non-conforming driver they were strictly a non-conforming gall ball company at the time.  This project begins with the Polara ball.  The balls' unique weighting distribution minimizes shots with side spin when struck appropriately.  The Polara balls work well until the lofts of the set start to get lower.  In order to reduce side spin the balls overall spin characteristics are reduced.  This make the ball travel farther on higher loft irons (think of those flier lies) but with the lower lofted drivers golfers gain no benefit using the Polara ball with a driver because of the dramatically low spin rate.

My design objective was to create a family of higher lofted drivers to benefit the performance of the Polara golf balls.  While the set begins with a tradition 10.5 degree loft the lofts only get higher as the driver set continues.  Lofts of 16 degrees and 18 degree sound as though they belong on fairway or hybrid woods.  The thing is, these drivers are 475cc monsters to ensure the moment of inertia is very high for maximun forgiveness.  And yet the driver lofts continue to rise.  22 and 24 degree lofts help those with the slowest of clubhead speeds.  The physics alone combining the very high loft and moment of inertia would benefit most golfers.  But increasing the flex to be USGA npn-conforming provides a very hot driver that will maximize one's ball speed at impact.  The variable face thickness design maximizes the CT/COR across the entire face for hot trajectory off-center impacts.  And to help contribute a high moment of inertia I have thrown out golf's rule books and used a great>460cc design to stabilize the while also making the driver's breadth deeper than its width (a USGA no-no).  This contributes to the MOI and overall stabiliy of the Polara driver.

The Polara drivers are set to be release in late spring/early summer of 2013.  If you pick up the driver be sure to also pick up the Polara balls.Synchronicity for this one-two-punch combo.

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