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The Perfect Fit and The Perfect Bend Books

Jeff Sheets Golf,Club Design,Club Development,Perfect Fit,club fitting,custom fitting,Perfect Bend,customization
The Perfect Fit
Are you one of the many millions of golfers playing without custom fit golf equipment?  Do you take your golf game seriously?  Or is it just an enjoyable past time that could have greater pleasure to it than it does now?  Purchasing golf clubs "off the rack" is like buying clothing without any regards to their sizing.  All golfers are unique human beings with their own physical characteristics and manners in which they swing the golf club. Fortunately having equipment fit to your individual characteristics does not involve the expense of having clothing custom made for you. It just takes application of the appropriate knowledge, which can easily be learned in The Perfect Fit.
The Perfect Fit is a book written for any golfer that has a basic knowledge of golf equipment. If you have ever replaced your own grips or changed out a broken shaft The Perfect Fit has been written for you. For the experienced fitting professional The Perfect Fit has plenty of new information pertaining to today's high tech equipment and fitting systems. All of the fitting basics such a length, lies or shaft flex are addressed in the book. For the more adventurous the perfect fitting methods for moment of inertia matching, counter and balance-weighting and launch monitor use are discussed.

Jeff Sheets Golf,Club Design,Club Development,Perfect Fit,club fitting,custom fitting,Perfect Bend,customization
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The Perfect Bend


I recall my nervousness with the first set of irons that I adjusted the loft and lies on. Without having experienced the feedback of resistance-and-give of a hosel, I wasn’t sure what to expect with that first club. Fortunately it was a forged iron which accepted a bend very smoothly. I was able to adjust the remainder of the set with the same amount of ease. However it wasn’t long before I found myself bending the hosels of a set of 17-4 stainless steel castings. The task turned into a completely different result. While successful, the manner in which each hosel bent, the amount of adjustment each head would accept, and the ability to hit the loft and lie specs appeared to be random acts in futility. How could the same chore have completely different results between these two types of sets? My indoctrination into hosel bending was to continue on for the next ten years as the golf industry transitioned from predominantly soft forged irons to investment cast 6-4 titanium alloys.
There are a multitude of different materials used in the manufacturing of golf club heads these days. The majority of irons and woods are either investment cast or undergo some form of forged stamping. Each manufacturing process in addition to the material type results in a golf club that has its own personality regarding hosel adjustments. Add into the mix a variety of putter materials and manufacturing processes and you’ve got yourself a potpourri of bending variables.
Today I have no fear in adjusting any golf club head. There is a proper approach to take with each combination of head material and the process in which is was produced. I have written The Perfect Bend to guide both the novice and experienced golf club technician in the art of hosel bending. Knowing how to bend is only half of the job. Understanding the cause and effect on the golf club’s specs is the other half. Within the pages of The Perfect Bend I will show you how to be successful in the pursuit of each. Enjoy the act of getting bent.
About The Author


Jeff Sheets has been fitting both professional and amateur golfers alike for the past twenty years.  He hones his craft working in the equipment trailers of the PGA, Senior (Champions) PGA and LPGA Tours for many years before redirecting his focus on recreational golfers.  In The Perfect Fit Sheets consolidates his years of equipment fitting into an understandable program for both the beginning and experienced club fitter.  All of the traditional aspects of golf club fitting are explained in addition to working with today's high tech golf club components.  From impact boards to launch monitors the various approaches to a perfect equipment fitting are reviewed.  Shafts, grips, woods, irons, putters and ball - all are part of The Perfect Fit.
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