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Brainstorm Golf - Happy Putter

Brainstorm Golf is a putter company founded by Vikash Sanyal.  "V", as he is known by his friends, was on the ground floor in creating Odyssey putters and founded Never Compromise several years later.  Brainstorm Golf is his third putter company to establish.  V contacted me after about a decade hiatus from golf and informed me he wanted to create the world's most adjustable putter.  We began with some concepts that eventually were discarded and I created for him an entirely new set of adjustable features that included loft, lie, weight, offset and dexterity all within a single putter.

Model:  Happy Putter V1 (Mallet) and V2 (Blade)

Material/Mfg:  100% CNC Milled Aerospace Aluminum

Introduction:  2014

The Happy putters were established to be a polarizing product from the beginning.  Whether loved or hated, V wanted a putter that would be highly visible, talked about and debated by everyone.  His product mantra is "RSVP".  The products must have REAL technology to it along with it being SIMPLE and VISIBLY differentiated from other products.  It must also be PATENTED and in the case of the Happy putters there are a boat load of patents.


There were many design challenges to creating the world's most adjustable putter. Comprised of 23 parts the first performance challenge was to design a putter that felt as solid as a single piece construction model.  Golf Digest equipment evaluators were surprised at the feel and sound of the Happy putters and awarded it as a Hot List winner just as the first production was being shipped to stores.

Jeff Sheets Golf,Club Design,Club Development,Spalding,Top-Flite,Lee Trvevino,Payne Stewart
Jeff Sheets Golf,Club Design,Club Development,Spalding,Top-Flite,Lee Trvevino,Payne Stewart

Loft, lie, offset and weight are adjustable in three separate modes each. The beauty of the dexterity option enables the putters to fit both right and left handed golfers.  This also benefits the retailers who are not forced to carry separate left handed inventory.  


While developing the adjustable features of the two models we concurrently worked on developing the app-based fitting system at point of sale.  Our objective was to take the retail clerk out of the putter fitting and utilize a specialized fitting putter and tablet app to recommend the appropriate set up of specs based on the golfer putting five balls.  Using the supplied torque wrench each setting is specified for the buyer.  An iPhone and Android app will also provide fitting guidance if the golfers find themselves away from the retail fitting station.  

Jeff Sheets Golf,Club Design,Club Development,Spalding,Top-Flite,Lee Trvevino,Payne Stewart
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