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(T)LESS Driver

Teeless sole.jpg

What makes a driver, a club intended to be teed up - teeless?  The (T)LESS driver was the brainchild of putter guru Guerin Rife.  As a life long golfer who has struggled with his 3-wood chunking the turf he knew there must be a better approach to hitting those long shots from the fairway.  He approached his best friend in the golf industry, Jeff Sheets, and together they refined the performance of a club utilizing the dynamic loft of a driver with a sole intended to smack the ground at impact.  Through the club's deep center of gravity, ground control turf technology in the sole and a highly efficient face design the (T)LESS driver delivers forgiving performance off the turf while easily out-distancing distance with many golfers' drivers.

In designing the (T)LESS driver we took a 400cc driver head and flattened it down to the high of a modern day 3-wood.  This eliminated nearly 75% of the face weight which happens to be the heaviest portion of every driver head.  All of that discretionary weight was then relocated into a horseshoe shape in the sole which shifted the center of gravity very low and rearward.  Bounce is incorporated into the front third of the sole.  When the club makes contact with the ground the bounce rotates the club face closed (no slice) and delofts the face to 9 degrees at impact.  Most golfers could not imagine hitting a 9 degree driver off the deck however the dynamics of the (T)LESS head design result in a high flying trajectory to even some of the slowest swing speeds that were tested.  Many golfers end up hitting the (T)LESS farther from off the turf than they do off a tee.


Due to the success of the (T)LESS driver Guerin Rife and Jeff Sheets have subsequently developed the (T)LESS hybrids.  Truly a hybrid blend between a fairway and hybrid wood the (T)LESS hybrids deliver the same long distance performance off the turf but with shorter and shaft lengths and high loft specs.

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