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Cutter Wedges


I have designed so many wedges in my career that I really cannot keep track of the count.  When Dickie Walsh reached out to me to ask for my help with a new wedge concept he had I became intrigued.  It did not sound like a traditional wedge.  His concept utilized an entirely new face design that was narrowest at the bottom and widest at the top.  The narrowed leading edge utilizes 66% less material than a traditional wedge face.  This enables the club head to cut into the turf with very little resistance.  And because the leading edge wraps quickly upwards at the heel and toe the design allows improved maneuvering through deep rough and side hill lies.


A new concept type sole was developed that defied convention as much as the face shape.  Unlike traditional wedge soles that are generally rectangular in shape I formed the sole's leading edge to mirror the face's leading edge.  This resulted in a crescent shaped sole that performs completely differently compared to other wedges.  The sole acts much like the hull of a boat in water.  It prevents the club face from twisting on off-center impacts.  Upon initial prototype testing it cut through the turf so cleanly it got its name.

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