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Jeff Sheets Golf Club Design, Golf Club Development

​Jeff Sheets has worked with more than 60 of golf's majors winners and two dozen golf hall of

fame members on their most important tools - their golf clubs.  Over the past quarter century

Jeff's expertise in designing, fitting and customizing golf equipment has led to countless

victories with some of the game's biggest names.  If you have a golf design, idea or concept

you would like to see developed contact us at


About Jeff Sheets

Following his graduation from the San Diego Golf Academy (now the Golf Academy of America) in August 1988, Jeff Sheets was recruited to be the resident shaft expert on the PGA Tour for Brunswick Golf (now known as Rifle/Royal Precision under the True Temper Company). Throughout his golfing career he has been focused 100% on equipment and has fit many of the world's top competitors. Jeff has designed clubs for major equipment manufacturers, led focus groups with amateurs, and educated countless up-and-coming club makers.

                                                               Sheets has designed, assembled, and fit clubs used by top competitors to win                                                                        major championships, countless tour events and Ryder Cup matches. It is no                                                                          surprise that some of his most memorable achievements include the work he has

                                                               done with touring professionals. He has worked closely with Nick Faldo, and rebuilt Faldo’s clubs in the weeks prior to his back-to-back Masters victories. While Lee Janzen was playing on the mini tours, Jeff began working on his equipment, eventually building the set Lee used to win the U.S. Open years later. He has worked on club head designs with Payne Stewart and Lanny Wadkins, and shares multiple patents with Lee Trevino. Jeff designed the set of clubs used by Dave Stockton to win the U.S. Senior Open, and also designed the woods, irons, and putter used by Chris Johnson in her LPGA Championship victory. It is also notable that Jeff built the first metal driver that Arnold Palmer ever put into play in a PGA Tournament (Arnie opened with a 66 in Palm Springs against the 'flat bellies' that day in 1992).

Jeff first devoted his energies to golf club research & development in the early 1990’s - just as the technological boom was hitting the golf industry. While at Founders Club he created classic player’s models such as the Tour-CB cavity back forgings, as well as many game improvement irons and woods. During his time at Spalding, he oversaw the development of the Top-Flite Tour irons which quickly became the #1 iron on the Senior PGA Tour. Jeff also orchestrated the product line of the Hogan re-launch in 1999 via the development of the Apex and Apex Plus irons and the Special Wedges. His next calling was at Wilson, where he designed the first generation of award winning Deep Red woods and irons. Jeff's career came full circle from his early clubmaking days when he became Golfsmith's Chief Technical Officer in 2002. He has been responsible for hundreds of designs under the MacGregor, Lynx, Snake Eyes and Golfsmith brand names during his employment there. Most recently Sheets' work can be appreciated through products like the Royalty wedges and putters, iGEN junior irons, (T)LESS driver, Alien wedges, Knuth Golf High Heat woods and an assortment of start up club companies.  With more than two dozen patents, and over 500 club head designs, Jeff Sheets is the most prolific golf club designer in the industry today.

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