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Knuth Golf High Heat 257+ Woods


In 2016 the USGA made a change to the equipment rules that have gone unnoticed by nearly all golfers and equipment manufacturers.  The rule focused on the Characteristic Time (CT) measurement on the face of metalwoods.  Prior to the rule change the face of a wood could not have a CT measuring higher than 257 microseconds anywhere on the face.  The 2016 rule actually allowed for the CT limit to exceed 257 microseconds outside of the newly designated USGA Impact Area (a 1.67" wide area in the center of each face).

Most manufacturers considered the new rule change a moot point since the CT on the face of all clubs tends to drop off dramatically the further you get away from the center of the face.  The whole point of Variable Face Technology (VFT) is to minimize the CT fall off away from the sweet spot.  How would you then be able to get the CT higher at the extreme heel and toe when the tendency is for the CT to drop quickly?!?  But even with VFT we were able to identify that all woods regardless of brand had very low CT readings outside of the new USGA Impact Area.  Physics dictate that would be the case.  However our pursuits through Knuth Golf have proven engineering can overcome physics.

The Knuth Golf High Heat 257+ woods were developed and succeeded in obtaining CT readings on the faces of their drivers, fairway and hybrid woods that exceed 257 microseconds outside of the USGA Impact Area.  The new rule allows for CT measurements to range up to the limit of 275 microseconds.  This has been achieved through what Knuth calls their 3 Trampoline Technology.  The center, heel and toe of the face each possess their own trampoline effect with the heel and toe incorporating higher CT than the center of the face.  This leads to increased ball speed on off-center impacts ultimately resulting in further distance on the most terribly hit shots.

No other golf OEM has come even close to achieving this remarkable result.  Hats off to a small equipment manufacturer like Knuth Golf.

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