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EQUS Golf is the culmination of a six year journey to develop and manufacture a multi-combination irons set using traits of both traditional and single length golf clubs.  Conceived, designed and produced by Lytle Research and Development Corporation (LRDC®) and myself, Jeff Sheets Golf, these clubs reflect a concept that is visually alluring, gives a feeling of consistency, technological precision, progression and forward thinking.  These core traits are the essence of EQUS Golf.

Model:  EQUS

Material/Mfg:  TBA

Introduction:  2016


“Teaming with Jeff Sheets has been an exceptional experience,” said Mike Lytle , President of LRDC. “Jeff is one of the most highly regarded club designers in the golf industry today and has helped guide the multi-year EQUS design, testing and development process.”


With a passion for science and engineering, our team believed that conventional iron designs created barriers to consistent, repeatable ball striking. Traditional progressive length irons require up to nine swings for any iron set. Unlike single length irons, EQUS reduces this to three swings, thereby preserving the qualities of both types of iron sets.


Using matched combinations in three progressive lengths, these clubs allow golfers to easily transition to the single length concept without changing their current swing or giving up standard grips, lies or the traditional lengths found in long, mid and short irons. In addition, the unique loft progressions found in EQUS irons, allow consistent gapping between clubs, further highlighting this set’s innovation and design.


Validated by independent robotic and player testing conducted by Golf Laboratories, EQUS’ patent pending design will be offered in matched combinations of three progressive lengths utilizing identical attributes in each combination, together forming a single complete iron solution.

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