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iGEN Junior Clubs

Pat Dempsey is a golf industry veteran that has been successful in a number of areas within the equipment industry.  Many may be familiar with his as a champion long drive competitor who has also assisted celebrity golfers in achieving the booming big drives he is associated for.  Many PGA Touring professionals know him as a golf equipment company representative who has traveled the professional tours for a decade fitting competitors into the best performing equipment possible.  However Pat is currently assisting golf's future players by fitting them into premium high performance irons and wedges.

Igen Irons.jpg

iGEN irons and wedges have been developed specifically for junior golfers.  What differentiates them from other junior clubs are their design and construction.  For starters they have been designed for junior golfers on the path to competitive improvement.  Unlike other inexpensive junior clubs the iGEN irons and wedges are forged for precision craftsmanship and the soft feel professional tournament players appreciate.  They are designed to grow with the young golfer.  Their head sizing is of a game improvement size to smaller kids but become more traditional in size as the youthful golfer grows.  To accommodate their need for longer shafts and heavier head weights the iGEN irons and wedges utilize three differently weighted set screws to increase in weight as the golfer grows stronger.  The heads can be adjusted for loft and lie changes as the golfer's swing evolves unlike heads constructed from zinc and aluminum like other junior sets.

iGen wedges.jpg
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