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Royalty Sports International

Royalty Sports International is the brainstorm of champion long drive competitor Bobby Bradley.  Cost did not become a factor  in the development of the Royalty putters and wedges.  The putters are 100% CNC milled from blocks of both 1020 carbon steel and 303 stainless steel.  While silver and black finishes are standard offerings in production Royalty also offers up highly customized versions of their models in specialty finishes and engravings.

Royalty Wedges.jpg

Royalty set the bar when it came to forged / CNC milled wedges.  Soft carbon steel is initially billet forged into an oversized wedge shape in excess of 100 grams of the final target weight.  The raw forged part is then 100% CNC milled from the top of the hosel to the sole, face and rear resulting in a product that is not touched by human hands.  This ensures 100% consistency from part to part.

02 - Royalty Wedge - Easily identifiable without branding logos due to 100 percent milled

As with the putters Royalty has customized wedges for their clientele utilizing specialty coatings and laser engraving.  While the production wedges are a thing of beauty the customized products are their own art forms.

Royalty Wedge - Mill marks evident after major laser engraving.jpg
Royalty Wedge - Mill marks evident after laser engravings are paint filled.jpg
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