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Clear Golf

Model: Clear Putter
Material/Mfg: 351 Aluminum Frame, 431 Stainless Steel Sole, Polycarbonate Clear Body Insert
Introduction: 2010

The Clear Putter was a project brought to me by Roger Twibell the sports broadcaster and his partner Chip Zielke. They had toyed around with the concept of a promotional putter for a few years but were unable to advance the construction and design efficiently. I was able to engineer quite a bit of cost out of their original prototypes while styling the design more eloquently and with greater customization flexibility. The Clear Putter concept was to use interchangeable logos to produce a custom putter design for any company, team or organization. While the custom logos could be inexpensively printed and interchanged for end user needs the performance of the design is unmatched with the Cross-Cut face technology that places an immediate over-spin on the ball.

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